Sensors & Controls

Found from the nose to the tail of the aircraft, our broad portfolio includes precision position sensors, hot air valves used on advanced engine propulsion systems, and a wide range of other highly dependable proprietary goods and services. Our variety of offerings is an important competitive advantage that enables our customers to single-source multiple components from a trusted supplier. We hold significant content on established core platforms and have also captured important contracts on virtually every new major program with substantial backlogs, including the Boeing 787 and 737 MAX, Airbus A350 and A320NEO, CFM LEAP-X and the Pratt &Whitney PurePower engine.

We’ve long been recognized as a leader in high-precision, flight-critical actuation, both rotary and linear. Our suite of products for passenger aircraft applications includes trailing edge flaps, secondary flight controls and cargo door motion control systems. For military aircraft, we supply flight control actuation, ordnance handling systems and canopy actuators. We also offer solenoids and valves used in hydraulic, pneumatic, and fuel systems.

In the complex, high-demand world of aerospace, Curtiss-Wright is a partner to multiple OEMs and Tier 1 suppliers in repair, overhaul and manufacturing services. We offer an extensive exchange pool which is always available to our customers as well as a variety of manufacturing solutions. No matter the challenge, Sensors & Controls engineering, design and production expertise ensure precision, quality and reliability of the highest levels.