About Us

A History of First!

That is one way to describe the birth of the Curtiss-Wright Corporation.

From Wilbur and Orville Wright's historic acheivement of the first powered flight of a heavier than air craft in1903, followed by Glenn Curtiss' first Land Speed record on two wheels in 1907. The fore fathers of Curtiss-Wright were pioneers who built companies based on the principle of achieving the unachievable.

What followed were decades of design and manufacture in historic leaps, with the first practical seaplane, the first conveyor assembly line for aircraft engines, through the mass-production years in support of the war effort in the 40's and then on into the post war decades of space investigation, stratospheric aircraft and much more.

Curtiss-Wright Corporation has the most renowned legacy in the aerospace industry. In 1929, Curtiss-Wright was formed by the merger of companies founded by Glenn Curtiss, the father of naval aviation, and the Wright brothers, renowned for history’s first flight. These technological pioneers ushered in the era of aviation and their trailblazing spirit made history. Curtiss-Wright has changed dramatically over the past eight decades, and continues to transform itself to be at the forefront of the markets that we serve.

With acquisitions within the Christchurch area between 2002 and 2012 we have become a substantial local employer. With over 500 employees in our new start-of-the-art facility, at Bournemouth Airport, we design, develop and manufacture a wide array of products for the global markets of aerospace, agriculture, construction, medical mobility and many more. Our products and technologies provide increased safety, reliability, and performance in the most demanding environments.

Diversity, commitment to excellence and dedication to the spirit of pioneering innovation continue to drive the employees of Curtiss-Wright.